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A gallery of photographs to celebrate World Jaguar Day. Lots of Jaguars as well as some of the varied animals that live alongside them. By conserving Jaguars all these other spectacular species will be conserved as well.


Jaguar. Mating Pair of Jaguars. Jaguar resting on River Bank at Dusk. Jaguar snarling at Black Vultures.

Jaguar. Mating Pair of Jaguars. Male Jaguar. Male Jaguar Scent-Marking its territory with urine spray.

Jaguar. Mating Pair of Jaguars with Bat hunting in foreground. Mating Pair of Jaguars. Courting Pair of Jaguars.

Mating Jaguars. Courting Jaguars fighting. Courting Pair of Jaguars. Mating Jaguars.

Male Jaguar. Male Jaguar drinking after mating. Courting Jaguars. Mating Jaguars.

Female Jaguar rolling on back after mating. Jaguar resting on top of River bank. Jaguar exiting forest. Jaguar at River edge.

Amazon Kingfisher. Amazon Kingfisher with fish. American Pygmy Kingfisher. Anhinga drying its wings.

Azara's Agouti drinking. Female Barefaced Curassow. Barefaced Ibis. Baywinged Cowbird.

Male Black Howler Monkey. Black Howler Monkey. Black Skimmer with Fish. Black Skimmer nesting colony.

Black Skimmer landing. Black Skimmers in chase flight. Black Vulture. Black Vultures feeding on Caiman carcase.

Blackcapped Donacobius. Blackcollared Hawks eating a fish. Blackcollared Hawk. Blackcollared Hawk in flight.

Juvenile Blackcrowned Night-Heron. Blacktailed Marmoset. Bluefronted Parrots interacting. Brocket Deer.

Brown Capuchin. Flock of Buffnecked Ibis. Campo Flicker on anthill. Campo Flicker feeding.

Capped Heron. Capybara. Capybara and Smoothbilled Anis. Capybara and Cattle Tyrant.

Capybara. Cattle Tyrant and Capybara. Chaco Chachalaca. Chestnut-eared Aracari.

Cocoi Heron. Common Tegu Lizard. Crab-eating Fox. Crab-eating Fox.

Crab-eating Fox Cubs in Den in tree hollow. Crane Hawk. Crane Hawk in flight. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl.

Fishing Bats. Giant Otter eating a fish. Giant Otter. Giant Otter.

Two Giant Otters eating a fish. Giant Otter dozing against tree trunk. Giant Otter on River Bank. Giant Otters and Pup on River Bank.

Giant Otter and Pup running along River bank. Giant Otter with head held up from river. Family group of Giant Otters. Mother Giant Otter carrying Pup in her mouth.

Giant Otter with Pup. Giant Otter. Giant Otter resting on River bank. Giant Otter rushing into River.

Giant Otter Pup entering River. Giant Otter. Giant Otter grooming. Part of family of Giant Otters below denning area in River bank.

Giant Otter and Pup swimming in River. Glittering-throated Emerald - a Hummingbird. Grassland Sparrow. Great Black Hawk diving onto fish.

Great Egret. Great Horned Owl. Great Potoo roosting during daytime. Great Potoo at roost site.

Greater Rhea feeding. Green Ibis. Green Iguana. Green Iguana drinking from River.

Green Kingfisher. Greynecked Wood-Rail. Guira Cuckoo. Guira Cuckoo.

Pair of Hyacinth Macaws. Hyacinth Macaws Allo-preening. Hyacinth Macaw. Hyacinth Macaw in Nest Hole.

Pair of Hyacinth Macaws flying. Hyacinth Macaw Flying out of Nest Hole. Hyacinth Macaw picking Palm Fruit. Hyacinth Macaw Eating Palm Fruit.

Jabiru Stork. Young Jabiru Storks on the Nesst. Adult Pair of Jabiru Storks on the Nest. Jabiru Stork Feeding.

Jabiru Stork Flying. Largebilled Tern flying. Largebilled Tern on Sandbank. Laughing Falcon.

Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture. Lesser Yellowheaded Vulture flying. Lesser Yellowlegs. Lesser Yellowlegs.

Little Blue Heron. Cattle Tyrants sitting on grazing Marsh Deer. Monk Parakeets nesting in bottom of Jabiru Stork nest. Muscovy Duck.

Nacunda Nighthawk roosting on the ground in daytime. Nanday Parakeet. Nanday Parakeet. Narrowbilled Woodcreeper.

Neotropic Cormorant flying off with Fish in bill. Neotropical Cormorant. Neotropical River Otter eating Fish. Neotropical River Otter.

Osprey flying. Pale-legged Hornero. Palm Tanager eating Fruit. Peachfronted Parakeets.

Pied Lapwing. Plumbeous Ibis. Male Puma. Redbilled Scythebill.

Redfooted Tortoise. Redlegged Seriema feeding. Redthroated Piping-Guan. Ringed Kingfisher.

Roadside Hawk. Roadside Hawk. Roseate Spoonbill. Rufescent Tiger-Heron.

Rufescent Tiger-Heron. Rufescent Tiger-Herons are one of the many fish-eating species or piscivores in the Pantanal. Rufescent Tiger-Heron stood on Giant Water Lily pad. Juvenile Rufescent Tiger-Heron.

Rufescent Tiger-Heron. Rufescent Tiger-Heron flying over Ecotourist Boat. Rufescent Tiger-Heron taking flight. Rufous Hornero Nests.

Rufous Hornero building its Nest. Completed mud Nest of the Rufous Hornero or Ovenbird. Rufousbellied Thrush. Rustymargined Guan.

Savanna Hawk. Sayaca Tanager. Scaled Dove. Scarlet-headed Blackbird.

Silverbeaked Tanager. Male Snail Kite. Snail Kite. Snake, species unknown.

Solitary Sandpiper. South American Coati. South American Coati running. Male South American Coati.

Southern Caracara. Sub-Adult Southern Caracara eating Fish. Southern Caracara carrying Fish. Southern Caracara.

Southern House Wren Singing. Southern Lapwing. Southern Lapwing. Pair of Southern Lapwings Flying and Calling, showing Wing-Spurs.

Southern Tamandua. Southern Tamandua. Southern Tamandua. Southern Tamandua.

Striated Heron. Sun Bittern. Sun Bittern. Sungrebe.

Sungrebe. Sungrebe. Sunset over the Pixaim River. Pair of Toco Toucans.

Toco Toucan tossing Fruit into the air to catch it in its Bill. Magnificent Bill of the Iconic Toco Toucan! Toco Toucan delicately picking Fruit. Toco Toucan.

Turkey Vulture. Turkey Vulture landing atop a dead tree. Vermillion Flycatcher. The Giant Water Lily or Victoria Lily.

Giant Water Lily Pads. Giant Water Lily Pad unfurling. Giant Water Lily Flower. Giant Water Lily Pad unfurling.

Water Hyacinth, a Pantanal Native and valuable species. Wattled Jacana. Wattled Jacana. Whistling Heron.

Water Hyacinth - an Alien invasive in many parts of the world but a key species in the Pantanal. White Woodpecker. Whitebellied Seedeater. Whitecollared Peccary at Night.

Whiteheaded Marsh-Tyrant. Whiterumped Sandpiper. Wood Stork. Wood Stork scratching head.

Yacare Caiman. Yacare Caiman with open mouth. Yacare Caimans are an important prey species for Jaguars. Yacare Caiman.

Yacare Caiman. Yacare Caiman with open mouth. Yacare Caimans like many predators in the Pantanal eat mostly Fish. Yacare Caiman.

Large group of Yacare Caimans. Huddle of Yacare Caimans. Yacare Caiman on River bank. Large Yacare Caiman.

Yellow-rumped Cacique. Yellowbilled Cardinal. Yellowbilled Cardinal. Yellowheaded Caracara.

Yellowheaded Caracara catching Fish. Kiskadee.


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