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Added Value for Eco-Tourism : Wildlife Photography Hides/Blinds.

I am convinced that many eco-tourist enterprises can add significantly to their income by building well positioned, well designed photographic hides/blinds. Wildlife photographers will be more than willing to pay for the use of hides that promise reliable, excellent views and photography opportunities of interesting wildlife species. This section of my website will give more information on the subject. In the long-term I hope to be able to create a database of hide designs and details of the locations of good photography hides.

Hopefully these databases will encourage eco-tourist enterprises to build more photographic hides, resulting in increased tourist dollars for conservation.

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Request for Information: If you would like to add details of your own favourite photographic hides/blinds to this database, please send details to the email address shown below. If possible include the following: Name and Location of hide (including GPS co-ordinates and altitude), Most interesing target species to be seen, Cost of using the hide, How to book, Web address and Contact Details, Any special information, Photos of one or two species and Photo of the hide and its situation. Please send any photos as 50kb JPEGs suitable for use on a website. Please also confirm permission to use the photos and information. I will post your name and email contact details next to the entry for the hide/blind unless you specifically request that I do not do so. Many thanks. The more entries that I receive then the more useful the database will become.

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Hide Database

Hide Design Database



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