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Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole); Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole) walking towards photographer; Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole) yawning;Paret of pack of Asiatic Wild Dogs (Dhole)at waterhole; Barasingha (Swamp Deer) Stag (male); Barasingha Stag;

Black Ibis; Changeable Hawk-Eagle; Colared Scops Owl; Crested Serpent Eagle; Gaur (Indian Bison); Male Indian Peafowl (Peacock) displaying;

Male Indian Peafowl; Indian Roller; Palm Squirrel; Red Jungle Fowl; Red-wattled lapwing; Lesser Adjutant Stork (and Wild Boar);

Sambar Deer; Fleeting glimpse of a Sloth Bear; Mating Spotted Deer (Chital); Male and Female Tigers at waterhole (Pair); Tiger walking through Sal Jungle; Gaur watching Tiger;

Male Tiger resting; Tiger resting on rocks in Jungle; Tiger up close; Tiger walking in Jungle clearing; Tourists on Elephant back going to see Tigers in National Park; Wild Boar;

Female Asiatic Lion; Black Stork; Blacktailed Godwit; Brahminy Myna; Indian Gazelle; Jungle Babbler;

Stone-Curlew; Spotted Owlets at Nest in tree; Rufous Treepie; Ruddy Mongoose; Male Nilgai; Roseringed Parakeets;


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