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Lesser Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

Whitethroated Bee-eater, Shaba National Reserve

Yellownecked Spurfowl, Shaba + Hooklipped Rhinoceros, Lewa Conservancy + Whitethroated Bee-eater, Shaba National Reserve + Eastern Black and White Colobus, Lake Nakuru

Two male warthogs fighting, Aberdares + Whiteheaded Buffalo-Weaver collecting thorn twigs for its nest, Shaba National Reserve + Vulturine Guineafowl, Shaba + Spotted Hyaena with juvenile lesser flamingo prey, Lake Nakuru + Superb Starling, Nakuru

African Buffalo covered in mud after wallowing at The Ark, Kenya's famous wildlife lodge + African Elephant suckling + Baby Elephant with foot cut off by poacher's snare, Aberdare Mountains + Giant River Hogs, Aberdare Mountains + Dwarf Mongooses, Lewa Conservancy + Male Kirk's Dik Dik using sub-orbital gland to scent-mark a bush + Grant's Zebra with blond foal, Lewa + Grevy's Zebra stallon whinneying, Buffalo Springs + Reticulated Giraffe browsing, Lewa Conservancy



Olive Baboon in close up, Lake Nakuru + Olive Baboon eating fruit of doum palm, Buffalo Springs + Grant's Gazelle, Buffalo Springs + Great White Pelican bathing, Lake Nakuru;


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