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Coco de Mer palm tree with coconuts; Coco de Mer seed - the largest and heaviest seed in the world; Female flowers of coco de mer; Male flowers of coco de mer. Male and Females flowers are borne on different palms; The coco de mer leaves are among the longest in the world; Coconuts of the Endemic coco de mer;


Aldabran Giant Tortoise (introduced); Barred Ground Dove; Bronze Gecko; Brown Noddy; Brown Noddy showing tongue; Juvenile Fairy Tern;

Juvenile Fairy Tern sleeping; Adult Fairy Tern; Fairy Tern; Hermit Crab; Lesser Noddy; Male Madagascan Fody;


Hawksbill Turtle; Hawksbill Turtle covering nest; Hawksbill Turtle digging in sand; Hawksbill Turtle at nest during daytime (most sea turtles nest at night); Hawskbill Turtle on wet beach; Hawksbill Turtle returning to the sea;

Madagascar Turtle Dove; Madagascar Radiated Tortoise; Juvenile Seychelles Bulbul; Seychelles Fody; Seychelles Magpie Robin; The very rare and Endangered Seychelles Magpie Robin;

Sechelles Warbler; Whitetailed Tropicbird on the nest; Whitetailed Tropicbird Chick; Wright's Skink;


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